Friday, October 31, 2008

Just curious.....can you recall a driving force in your past that has shaped your professional aspirations?


LoribethDalton said...

I found myself in my dream company, but got transferred into the wrong job as part of downsizing. The result was that I failed for the first time in my life. I was devastated! The next position I took was the perfect dream job, but the wrong corporate culture. I am a change agent and I was in a company where all major decisions were made at a corporate level 3,000 miles away. I felt like a race horse at a starting gate that was stuck. I pushed and pushed and ended up hurting myself! The result was that I was in the top 15% of performers, but I was MISERABLE!

Although I was an expert in recruiting and retention, I failed to ask the right questions in the interview to ensure that the culture was a right fit for my personality and passion! If it could happen to me it could happen to anyone!

So many people are miserable in their job or love their job but the company does not energize them. This discovery set me on the path to reinvent myself as a “heart hunter” with a focus on working with individuals to discover their passion, their purpose and the place that they can prosper. The bridge dream has come true: I am taking executives from where they are to where they want to be in their careers!

Tina Dortch said...

This is the type of motivation anyone can benefit from. Thanks so much for sharing.